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the work that we do at Confidential Cleaning is to of the line. we use the best equipment and the best chemical to go along with the best employees and customer service that the detailing business can find. We make sure that our  customers come second to none. Customer quality and satisfaction comes 1st with us at Confidential Cleaning. Where we clean with CONFIDENCE and we know that WE WON'T SHINE UNTIL YOU DO!!!  That's the Confidential way. So feel free to call in to get a free estimate and inspection of your vehicle to quote you the customer the best price for job more than well done.... I mean why go to a drive thru that really scatches ur paint and doesn't clean the interior, or go and wait for HOURS and a car salon, when you can just give us a call and we come to u. Your home, office or anywhere you may want to get your car detailed at.